If you are planning to sell your own bottled goods to retailers, you will need to learn a bit about the ins and outs of bottle labeling. There are a few things for which you should be on the lookout when finding a printer to handle your labeling needs. Consider these three important aspects of bottle labeling:

First, make sure your labeler can produce labels that are fade resistant. Your bottles’ labels will be exposed to light for extended periods of time, and their attractiveness to consumers will, in large measure, be dictated by the labels they feature. Bottle labeling experts should be able to provide you with labels that will look new for the whole of your product’s shelf life.

Second, remember that your bottled goods will be subjected to circumstances that are a bit different than those experienced by other labels. As such, you will need to find labels that are resistant to dramatic temperature shifts, water and even the ingredients of your product. This requires both a quality surface and an appropriate adhesive.

Third, bottle labeling should feature easily scannable bar codes. Poor bar codes are a headache for retailers and customers alike. They decrease efficiency and can result in fewer subsequent orders. Make sure the bar codes on your labels scan easily.

Bottle labeling requires thinking about some factors that don’t often come up in other labeling discussions. By being aware of your need for scannable, strong and fade-resistant labels, you will be able to make better bottle labeling decisions. The right labels can make a huge difference in sales numbers. Don’t overlook this critical aspect of the product and its marketing.

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