No one wants to experience a foreclosure on their home and it likely that they work hard to avoid it. It is unlikely that anyone takes out a mortgage with the clear intent to not make the payments and have a lender foreclose on the home. Sometimes things happen in life and makes missing a mortgage payment or a few of them unavoidable. There are many reasons that this could happen, such as loss of employment, family death, illness or injury. Any number of these or any combined could lead in devastation for the person as well as a financial downfall.

No, you do not want to have the lender foreclose on your home the lender does not either. A lender makes their money by the interest you are required to pay with your mortgage, if they are forced to foreclose on your home, they will not receive the interest. Therefore, many lenders will be absolutely willing to listen to your circumstances and work with you in order to prevent foreclosing on the home.

It is imperative that you be able to talk with your lender and let them know what is happening, and that you are having issues right away. If you neglect to tell them and let your mortgage fall seriously behind you will lose any credibility or trust with the lender and could hurt your chances in avoiding foreclosure. There is not much time to contact the lender, within sixteen days of being late, they will call you up and ask you what is going on and want a payment. After a month of being late, they will begin to call more frequently, if after 90 days you still have no made some sort arrangements or have paid the past due amount, you will be facing foreclosure procedures.

If you put a little faith in your lender and simply talk to them and ask for options, you may find there are a variety of options available to you. For example, if you have an accident that temporarily set you back, the lender may allow you to make up the missed payments over a period of time. A lender that is more flexible may take things into consideration and rework your entire loan that could lessen the payments you are required to make monthly, even reduce the amount of interest as well. Finding out is as simple asking your lender and working with them.

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