Unless you are willing to pay terribly high interest rates, you should try to raise your credit score as much as possible. The lower your credit score, the higher the risk for the lender to grant you a loan and the higher the risk, the higher the rate. This is unavoidable, of course there are special situations that may have caused your financial breakdown, but there are no means to avoid this and lenders can’t take subjective facts into consideration when it comes to fixing the interest rate.

Repairing your credit
Repairing your credit may take some time, but here is the way to start. Open a savings account and start making regular deposits. You don’t need to deposit large amounts, but the fact that you have an income that lets you put away an amount of money regularly will soon be recorded to your credit history and will highly contribute to raising your credit score and improving your credit history. This is just the first step but as a first step, the most important one.

Credit Cards
Once you’ve a reasonable amount of money in your savings account, use it to apply for a secured credit card. Secured Credit Cards are just like regular credit cards only that you can only borrow the money that you’ve previously transferred to an account. There is no risk for the card issuer so you’ll be able to get it even if your bankruptcy is close in time and your credit is not that good.
After using your secured credit card for a while you can apply (if you haven’t been offered one yet by that time) for an unsecured credit card. Your credit score improvement will most surely let you get approved without hassles. Make sure you use the card wisely, make small purchases pay the credit card balance always in full if possible, and never miss a payment nor make late payments.

Using your credit card wisely will help you skyrocket your credit score. Now is the time to start requesting small personal loans. Asking for small loan amounts will guarantee that you’ll get approved. Your regular monthly payments will do the rest, your credit score will soon reach a status where you’ll be able to request personal loans at very reasonable interest rates.

Final Steps
At this time you should have reached a good credit tag and you’ll be able to obtain any financial product that you need. Refinancing your home loan would be the next wise step to continue improving your credit score. Or you could request a home equity loan. Either of them will prove to future lenders that you are able to commit to repaying higher amount loans and that you’ve finally put behind your bankruptcy.

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