If you are an expert in your field or possess a certain knowledge that others may be interested in learning, then you may find great success in hosting public seminars. In this scenario, you would be the speaker and anyone attending your seminars would do so in exchange for a fee. A few examples of popular seminars include writing workshops, learning how to make money online, investing strategies and real estate. However, topics are limited only by the imagination of the speaker. If there is information to be learned that could be beneficial to others, chances are good that someone would be interested in attending a workshop on the subject.

Regardless of whether you are speaking about becoming a published writer or you have a proven method of getting rich on the internet, hosting seminars is a terrific career if you like to travel and enjoy speaking in front of a crowd.

The first step to scheduling seminars is to choose a location. In the beginning, a small facility will be sufficient for accommodating listeners and should have ample space for 50-100 people. As for ticket prices, the cost of seminars vary depending on the experience of the speaker and the information provided. A good starting point would be $20.00 per ticket and, as you gain experience and recognition, you can increase the cost. If at all possible, plan your seminars up to one year in advance in order to allow for promotion and marketing.

When it comes to any business, including one that entails the hosting of seminars and public speaking the single most important factor is advertising. Before anyone can know that your new business exists, they have to hear about it. The best way to announce upcoming seminars is through a press release. Written as a one page news announcement, a press release is distributed to local newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. In addition to sending a press release, most local radio stations would likely be willing to distribute several promotional tickets to your upcoming seminar as part of a radio giveaway. This will give the radio station some additional free contests to offer listeners and your upcoming seminars a substantial amount of free publicity. In exchange for your granting the radio station several free tickets, they would agree to mention the date, time and location of your seminar.

Whether you are thinking about hosting a seminar as a new full-time career or simply as a way to earn some extra cash on the side, you may find it to be a very rewarding opportunity to share your knowledge with others.

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