The logistics of an internet business does not allow for a lot of personal training or support because of the scale of operation. Alternatively, there are lots of seminars, conventions, teleconferences, audio and video training programs to leverage the time of teachers and students.

As a teacher, I got paid to deliver lessons. It was up to the students to take the theory and figure out how to use it. Now those students paid big bucks for lots of theory and little practice. I was paid far more to deliver far less than what I’m going to propose to you now.

Would you agree that whatever business you choose to do there will be some kind of research, acquisition of knowledge, or training involved? Whether you choose to use organized methods of knowledge delivery or not, training is available to teach what to think and what do in the business you choose. However, to measure the value of the theory taught and what to do with it, a comparison can help to identify progress toward your goal.

To use a mathematical metaphor, simplicity is the lowest common denominator. In internet business, I would call simplicity the least amount of money paid to generate a stream of income or in this example a base line for comparison.

Few businesses offer a comparison with their competitors mainly because their efforts are focused on how to deliver information about their particular product or service. Now every business that you are introduced to represents a choice to participate or not and is supported by a variety of training methods. So, what then are the indicators of an internet base line opportunity for comparison?

Well, like a training course it has to have a fixed cost. It has to deliver training. It has to show you where to set up merchant accounts that are private, international, in your control, and can be used for any business product or service you choose to sell, with or without the opportunity you are considering or are already a part of. In addition, it has to have the potential for income.

What more could you ask for? How about a low risk, low cost, simple objective method to train and prepare yourself and your affiliates for internet business building. In other words, directly another stream of income and indirectly training and base line for comparative analysis of your long term business building portfolio.

The hard part in all of this is that the base line for comparison is after all just one of many offers out there. It looks the same. It does not stand out and likely, you won’t know for sure until you try. Fortunately, I’ve found one and if you want the link just ask me in an email. In the mean time, keep a look out for offers that do not have recurring monthly charges and appear to reduce time spent in management while increasing time for promotion.

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