Transcription service is the conversion of a spoken language source into written or printed form. A transcription service provider is one who converts the spoken word to type-written format. There are various companies which provide these services to their customers.

Quality and efficient transcription service is very much needed in many businesses and professions, whether it is medical, business or legal. It is not possible to type as fast as you speak. Even an experienced transcription service provider will have to listen four times before writing a clear one-to-one, good interview. A transcription service provider’s job is to punctuate the speech rightly, make a sense of what is said and use the homophones (words which sound similar but are spelt differently) correctly. Generally, the duration of a transcription is dependent more on the quality of the recording. If you want to include verbatim in your transcription, like ‘um’, ‘hmm’ and repeated phrases, the transcription process will take longer time. More important thing for any transcription service is editing, where grammer and all mispronounced words are corrected. To suit the need of the clients, they provide all kinds of transcriptions like medical, legal, business.

Of course, price is another consideration. It should be competitive. Quality, price within your budget and timely delivery – are the three basic things a god transcription service should provide to their clients. All works performed by highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists should again be reviewed, proofread and verified using the latest resources to ensure accuracy. To sum up, important services a transcriptionist provides are:

 Prompt service
 Confidentiality of all transcriptions
 Easy and customized billing
 Transcription of video, audio, and digital file
 Accurate typing
 Transcribe in any format.

Timely transcription service without compromising quality of work is the essence of all good transcription services. They provide solution that meets your needs and philosophy. These service providers will offer data in Word, Word perfect or any other format according to your needs. They can provide audio transcription services as well as digital transcription services. You can pre-define the format by giving them all the customization details and they will produce the document to your satisfaction.

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