Setting up a trophy business is not difficult. The capital investment is smaller than for many businesses. You may decide to cater only for local customers, or you can set up a website to cater for the global market, though postage costs will be significant.

Trophies are awarded for exceptional performances in sports and academic fields. Schools and colleges award trophies as a way of encouraging competition.

Trophies take a range of forms, including, cups, plates and bowls made from silver plate, glass or wood. It is usual to have an area of the trophy that can be engraved with the holders’ names and a small brass plate giving the details of the person or organization that donated the trophy.

Trophies can take other forms, as diverse as the activities that they are awarded for. Books are common awards for academic excellence. A special paddle is used in paddle sports like kayaking or dragon boating.

Companies sometimes award trophies for special contributions to increasing productivity or 6-sigma compliance. These are usually in the form of framed photographs placed in prominent areas of the facility.

Trophies are usually engraved to individual specifications to make each one individual.

CNC, Computer Numerical Control, machinery is available. This allows anybody to set up as an engraver. Little skill is needed to copy even the most complex designs, just an investment in the equipment.

Engraving usually uses a fast spinning drill-like head to make patterns or words on objects made from various materials, including brass, steel, gold and glass.

A traditional engraver’s skill consists of judging spacing, letter size and orientation to fit in the requested decoration in an attractive and legible fashion.

You can have almost anything engraved. Engraved engagement and wedding rings are common in many countries. Engraved plaques are awarded for outstanding achievement in sports clubs or in schools.

You may want to offer the engraving of lead crystal ornaments as special anniversary presents.

Glass can also be etched as an alternative to engraving. The artist uses special acids to create the design, washes them off, job done.

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