A company has launched the first of a new generation of top coated thermal self-adhesive roll label materials, Taktik Themprint Advantahe Ultra-Fast.

This latest development in thermal imaging technology provides a labelling medium for bar coded price-weigh and box-end labelling requirements on a wide range of machines.

Its top coating provides excellent image protection of the thermal coating which needs less heat to create sharp bar codes and dense black text, says the manufacturer. This heat reduction ensures a longer print head life – without loss of printability.

Thermprint Advantage Ultra-Fast promises as especially speedy thermal response which suits the latest fastest thermal printers. However, this new label material also runs well on older thermal machines and will prolong print head viability when their settings are lowered. Printing speeds up to 12 inches (300mm) per second can be accommodated.

A further advantage of Thermprint Ultra-Fast lies in its ability to avoid the high print energy required to print thermal images clearly through printing inks and glossy varnish in various supermarket price-weigh applications. The use of high print head energy has caused premature print head failure with replacement costs, depending on the machine, of up to £1000 each. The new Thermprint labels will activate at lower energy and can overcome the insulating effect of ink and varnish more easily than existing products.

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