Debt consolidation is basically transferring of balances from multiple accounts with high interest rates to another account with relatively lower interest rate. Debt consolidation may involve transferring of balances from multiple unsecured loans into another unsecured loan. However, in most cases, it involves transferring of balances from unsecured loans into a secured loan.

Debt consolidation creates a win-win situation for both the debtor and loan provider. For the debtor, although he has not been greatly benefited, he is otherwise saved from bankruptcy. Moreover, by transferring balances from accounts with higher interest rates into one with comparatively lower interest rate, he stands to benefit financially as well, though the benefit is nominal.

Since consolidation of debt involves taking a secured loan which is taken against an asset that serves as collateral, the loan providing company also benefits immensely from it. Secured loans are always available readily and loan providers do not hesitate much before offering a secured loan. A tangible asset such as your car or in most cases your house serves as the collateral, that is, the loan is provided against the security of your house. The loan provider can forced buy the asset in case the debtor fail to pay back the amount. This very reason also makes a secured loan consumer friendly. Such a loan carries relatively lower interest rates as the risk involve is greatly reduced. Such loans also carry relatively easy repayment options. This is why debtors always look for a secured loan for debt consolidation.

It also happens more than rarely that debt consolidation companies discount the amount of the loan. When the debtor is on the verge of bankruptcy, a debt consolidator may offer to buy the loan at a discount. You can look around for consolidators who may pass along to you some of the savings. Consolidation is indeed a good way to get out of bankruptcy. However, you should always remember that people falls into bankruptcy because they have a tendency to spend more than what they earn. So even after consolidation of debt, which makes it for easier you to pay back the debt, if you continue to show such a spending tendency, you are in fact calling for more financial trouble.

You should also be aware of some unscrupulous companies that deliberately takes advantage from people with near-debt situation. Sensing that the person has no option but to consolidate, these loan providers dictate high fees for consolidation of loan. They may charge you interest rates that are higher than the standard rates. And since you won’t have much time to look around for option, you may be an easy victim.

However in case federal student loans, you need not worry much as such loans are guaranteed by the US federal government. The Department of Education purchased and closed the existing loans. It can also be done by a loan consolidation company. So at least when are studying you have a safety net in the federal government. All said and done, it is always safe not to fall into a debt trap. Spend wisely and live a debt-free life.

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