As you search around this article site looking for articles to add to your website, consider this: there are probably 10 people like yourself doing the same exact thing. Not only are they doing the same exact thing, but they are probably looking at, and taking the same articles you are considering to add to their site.

Wow. That’s going to do wonders for your hopes to have search engines pick up these new articles and rank your site high in the search engine result pages (S.E.R.P’s). Forgive my brevity, but I was being sarcastic!

Shared articles may be good for putting together quick sites and heavily promoting the same article content that everyone else is promoting, but who are we kidding? Wouldn’t you rather have fresh content NOT picked over by everyone else? Of course you would. Now why should you pay for it when you’re staring at a free article site filled with 100’s of articles that you can use at this exact moment?

Because you CAN buy originality and have original content rank higher than the same old retread articles found over and over again on sites like this! Not only would you have a unique page indexed on the internet and crawled by search engines (sometimes daily), but if you had the right content service at your beck and call, you could be provided with professionally written content reserved for trade publications and offline magazines! There are 1000’s of professional writers out there on the Internet which are willing and able to write your next piece of web content.

Ok, so to go over the key points:
• Copied articles used over and over again- not so good since the search engines may pick up someone else’s copy of the same exact article. Cost effective since it’s free! You get what you pay for.
• Fresh, unique articles- very good usage since it gives the search engines something new to eat up! You get what you pay for.
• Do your research. Find a writer who is professional and understands your subject!

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