When you explore your options you can see how to save money. Using your thinking cap will help you develop new ideas, which opens the door to solutions.

You will see how to save money by examining your budget, spending habits, and then analyzing your situation. To help you get started let us together consider your budget and expenses.

Budget –

How much do you make each week or month? What is your total net pay after taxes? Are you on social security, SSI, or welfare? How much money do you receive each month or week? Add up your total.




Medical expenses





Household items





Dining out

Insurance, includes house, car, health insurance, life insurance, etc

This is a short list. Perhaps you have other expenses to review. Write them down so that you can see how to save money.

Breaking down the list:

Gasoline – how much each week do you spend on fuel for your car? Use your thinking cap. Can you see carpooling? Can you see walking to get milk or bread rather than driving in town? Use your taking cap and think along the same line when considering travel time.

Medical expenses –

Can you take out healthcare insurance that will help you save money on medical expenses? Can you start exercising, eating healthier and cutting back on items that causes your body harm to save money?

Heating –

Do you need to turn the heat up to 80 degrees? Can you use blankets or warmer cloths to cut back on expenses on heating?

Lights –

Do you leave the lights on day and night? Do you leave unused electrical appliances hooked up all the time? Can you turn the lights off and use a night light? Can you unhook items you are not using?

Groceries –

Do you buy name brand products? Did you know that generic products have the same ingredients most of the time, yet the products are cheaper? Did you know that you could save a fortune by using coupons? Did you know you could save a fortune by preparing a new meal from leftovers?

Accessories –

What accessories do you buy? Do you need every accessory that you purchase? Can you save money by using coupons for some of the items?

Household items –

Did you know that you could learn how to save money by considering household items? Sure, you cannot use banana leaves as a substitute for toilet paper, but you sure can save money by buying sale items, using coupons, or buying cheaper brands. What about house cleaners, did you know that vinegar is cheap? Did you know it would clean damn near anything in your home better than most name brand household cleaners?

Keep going, using your thinking cap and continue comparing your budget verses spending to see ways in how to save money.

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