I love to shop as much as most of the women I know. I enjoy nothing more than an afternoon or a weekend with nothing on the agenda other than to shop. However, as all busy people know, life rarely provides such a time. More often than not my shopping happens in small segments of time in between other errands and responsibilities. In the past few years, shopping at a department store has become my best friend for this very reason.

I love going to a department store especially when I am in a hurry because I can pick up almost anything I need in one stop. Whether I am looking for clothing, shoes, jewlery, makeup, or something for my home, the department store usually has just what I need. It is much easier for me to shop in one place that I know provides a variety of great products. There is nothing better than entering a department store and then leaving it an hour later with my entire list accomplished.

I also enjoy shopping at department stores because usually they are very reasonable in price. I do not have the money to spend on unique stores and specialized boutiques all of the time, so a department store is often a great alternative. I can usually find great name brand items at a fraction of the regular cost. Keep track of sale flyers that come in the newspaper or sign up to receive weekly store coupons through your email account. There are ways to make shopping more reasonable, especially at department stores.

Another great thing about a department store is that I can usually find items for everyone in my family, regardless of their ages or preferences. It is an amazing thing to be able to enter one store and come out with something for my grandmother, my father, my husband and my three year old daughter. I love it. I just move from department to department until I have accomplished everything I need. I cannot begin to think of all the time I save by just going to a department store or two rather than to a speciality shop for all the ages of people I need to shop for.

One of my favorite times of the year to utilize a department store is the holidays. Shopping during the holidays is magical no matter what, but there is no place quite as magical as a well-decorated department store. Department stores are often filled with great deals and specials based on the amount of money you spend there.

I encourage everyone to explore the possibilities that shopping at a department store offers. See if you don’t just fall in love with how easy, reasonable and fun it is.

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