Got a passion for sports? Heard the name Michael Jordan? If so, then I bet you love basketball and you are familiar with the Washington Wizards.

For those who don’t know much about the Washington Wizards, note that Wizards is a professional basketball team and one of the seven teams in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Reports have it that the team was founded as the Chicago Packers and they also played the Chicago Zephyrs, Baltimore Bullets, and Washington Bullets before adopting its current name – the Washington Wizards.

The team entered the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the 1961-62 season as the Chicago Packers. That time, they only won 18 games in the first season. However, despite the poor start, they boasted their talented rookie center Walt Bellamy, who averaged 31.6 points and 19 rebounds per game and won the league’s rookie of the year award. The franchise had undergone changes not only in names, but also with the members of the team. Perhaps, the most well-known names that led the Wizards to fame are Gene Shue, Dick Motta, Jeff Malone, Bernard King, and Michael Jordan.

There’s a lot more to tell about the Washington Wizards. What I have mentioned above is just a sort of background. Now that you are a bit interested to know more about the team, then I suggest that you look for some Wizards message boards online. You are free to post anything you want to say, provided that you are not offending anybody on the community. Just be careful with your words and Wizards message boards are participated by different people of different personalities. Note that the members of the Wizards message boards are not just those who are optimistic about the Washington Wizards. There are also some who hate the Wizards.

To make everything easy for you, I have here below a few of the most visited Wizards message boards online. Just note them and try to visit them if you have time. However, for you to post a message on these Wizards message boards, you need to register first. Don’t worry because these Wizards message boards don’t require fees for the membership. The registration for the forums is absolutely free. And, this gives you a full access to the other features of the Wizards message boards.

Here are two of them:

I guess you are familiar with AOL. Well, AOL is one of the most well-known internet service providers on the web. It has been maintaining several message boards for its users, and one of those is the Wizards discussion forums. Here, you are allowed to post messages on the board or create a new thread for the other members to post replies or follow-ups. Note, however, that you are required to register although you there are some features that you can access without registering. But, if you really want to post your own concern then there’s no reason for you not to register.

Just like the forums provided by AOL, you can only post messages on these forums if you are a member. So, as a guest, you have a limited access to view most of the discussion, articles and access to the other free features. Thus, it is best that you join the community and start communicating with the other fans of Wizards privately or respond to polls. The registration for these boards is just simple, fast and free.

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