Web hosting rebates are offers make by hosting affiliate partners and not from the hosting companies itself. Can you trust these people? And how to identify the real hosting rebate provider.

I had been years in web hosting industry and now running web hosting reviews for a year plus. Its always the same thing, there is always new individuals come up with new website and offering incredible hosting rebates and up to $50 or $65 or $80 dollars or even more.

Although the hosting provide only offering $65 dollars, they can claim the rebate offers of up to $60 or even $63 dollars. Lets think about it, when he got the $65 dollars, will he return back the $63 dollars back to you and himself keep the $2 only? Definitely not.

That’s one of the biggest concern about web hosting rebates, its offered by individual that you not even know. Or someone at web hosting forums that offering you a 90% cash back if you sign up with them. And after a month, you cant even find him any longer.

I had been seeing some web hosting rebate websites started and boosted in fast speed. But after 2-3 months times. The website is not being maintained any longer, and contains outdated content. And the contact form is not being reply as well. But, these websites is still running and claim to offers the biggest cash back you ever see.

Definitely, you need to keep an eye on this. You don’t want to be scammed or ripped off by those people. Those people that you not even know.

However, there is a little few hosting rebate website that you can trust. And off-course their rebate rate must be reasonable and make sense. Second is that their website must be well maintain. Other than that, it should be receive some certain good review from online community. And finally, you can easily reach the hosting rebate company, there must be contact form provided and you can reach them.

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