What comes to mind when you think, “seminar?” Suits, ties, high heels, Hotels, fine dining, travel… the list goes on. Seminars add up to a lot of money and time- something many Americans are becoming less willing to part with.

The laser pace of our society is demanding instant products, and that demand is quickly coming to include the traditional seminar. A lot of people smile at the thought of throwing away the hosiery and suit coats, and letting the world come to their desktop in the form of a Webinar.

According to the well-known Web Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.com, a Webinar is just about what it sounds like – a seminar conducted over the World Wide Web. What’s the difference between a Webinar and a Web Conference? Interaction. Presenters and the audience have direct communication via telephone or speaker phone.

If you’ve been scratching your head, looking for more ways to stretch your days and/or budget this may be your personal bonanza.

5 Reasons to Consider Hosting a Webinar

  1. You’ll Save Money
    Travel and phone arrangements to get a seminar set to roll can quickly add up. Add to that the time you’ll spend, and the benefits of the Webinar look pretty good.
  2. You’ll Broaden your Horizons
    Just like everything else that happens on the World Wide Web, the
    Webinar allows you to reach a global audience that might not otherwise be able to attend a conventional seminar.
  3. You’ll Increase Sales
    It stands to reason that if you reach a larger audience, your sales will rocket in direct proportion to the expansion.
  4. You’ve got a Hook
    Once you’ve wooed an audience with a Webinar, you have the perfect opportunity to keep them coming back for other Web Conferences, classes or to your Web Site.
  5. You can Make Money as an Affiliate
    Affiliateship is a booming market. Why not cash in on it. If you’ve found a good Web Conference provider, offer it to your audience for a profit.

Wondering what will make a Webinar successful?

*Plan Ahead
Just like a seminar you need to have a schedule, choose potential speakers, set a budget, and promote it before hand. Don’t forget to put aside some time to make the registration process user friendly and helpful in following up after the event.

*Market It
Remember to focus on your target market. A great way to spread the good news is to put a “tell a colleague” link on your registration page.

*Make it Exciting
Ring, ring… that’s all it will take to get your audience distracted. Remember you’ll be competing with phones, email and other distractions.

*Have a Back Up Plan
Technology is fool-proof right? Just have a tight deadline to meet, and you’ll find out how foolproof it really is! Be prepared for the worst – just in case.

*Shop Around for a Quality Conferencing Vendor
The bigger the turnout, the more volume your vendor will need to be able to handle effectively. Customer support, as always, is a big plus as well.

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