When someone has won a structured settlement that has arisen from a lawsuit, they expect they will have to wait a year or more just to receive the money, this is not true. There are many companies available to you that exist to purchase your settlement from you. These types of companies will pay you cash in exchange for the structured settlement or any portions of your periodic settlement that is remaining. What does this mean for you? Well this essentially means that you will receive a lump sum payment from the company who will purchase your structured settlement and have the ability to use it for anything they desire rather it be paying for college, purchasing a new home, paying off debts, investing into the future, anything you desire.

Generally, a structured settlement is the result of a lawsuit, this is an agreement made between you and the responsible party that you will accept specified payments from them in a specified period of time, as a result you will release them of any liability named in your lawsuit. There are a variety of payment methods you can choose from such as annual installments that come over several years or in payouts that come every few years. Other types of structured settlements include winnings from situations where the awards are of a substantial amount such as contests or lotteries.

Structured settlements are tax-free and used to provide financial security over the long term; however, many people choose to sell their settlement in order to gain the money right away. You have many options when it comes to selling your settlement, you can sell as little or as much as you want and fits your needs and wants. This is an option that many people take advantage of when they have receive a structured settlement of any type. They often like the advantage of having all the monies right away instead of having to wait years and years, which could hinder any plans of purchasing large ticket items such a home. Sometimes the payments will not be large enough to make any sort of significant investment without the need of saving for several years. This is where selling your structured settlement to a reputable company that has a high track record and solid integrity will do some good.

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