With the expansion of the internet and financial stability within the economy, many people are now taking the big step of starting up their own business. This article will look at a single personal attribute that is needed if you want to make that business a success.

Being organised is the most important attribute a person needs if they want to be successful in the world of business. Nowadays, many business managers are disorganised however these people generally rely on the services of organised assistants and secretaries. Many disorganised managers run financially successful companies; however is money the only gauge to measure the success of a business? My own thoughts are; having a successful business is NOT purely about money, there are other factors to consider. The happiness of your workforce, health issues (stress), customer relations and the long term future of your business/company.

The Happiness of the Workforce. People like routine especially when working; it gives them a feeling of comfort and security. Having a structured routine generally only comes about when a business is fully organised from top to bottom. Systems of work are put in place, these systems need to be understood and constantly monitored. Without a proper structure and understandable systems of work, your employees will not be happy perhaps resulting in them working in a stressful environment. The days when working practices are all in the Gaffer’s head, are well gone.

Stress. I have many faults although I am a very organised person; in my working career I have managed large numbers of people, in difficult and trying circumstances. None of the businesses I have managed performed poorly. My wife however is disorganised, although also successful in her work, her personal disorganisation causes her and her workforce undue stress. Many business managers consider their companies a success, without even taking into consideration stress related illnesses or issues.

Customer Relations. Most businesses have dealings with customers, these customers will know very quickly if your business is organised or not, there will be no way to hide or cover this up. If your customers are unhappy because of your service it is generally because someone is struggling to cope with the customers demands. In today’s business world people do not want to wait for anything. They want quality work/products/service as fast as possible, only an organised business can provide these deliverables on a regular basis.

Long Term Future of a Business. Long term planning now seems a thing of the past for small businesses. Generally, business owners are looking to build up their business over the short term, and then sell it on. This has become common practise especially for online businesses. However if you are looking to set up a business for a longer period of time, you need to plan – known colloquially as a Business Plan or Through Life Management Plan. A person who manages an organised company, with set routines and practices will not only be able plan for the future, they will also be able to implement these plans with minimal fuss.

This article has just brushed the surface of this complex and complicated subject. The aim of the article is to make people aware; being organised in business will help you become successful.


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