With the rising of the consumers spending power and with more debts being taken to repay their old one….the question should be what does the lender not gain? But the fact is that everything is not easy for the lender. With the increase in the acts and regulation passed to hold the lender community in check and with a watch over the ceiling of the interest rates, the lenders are in more trouble than we know. The time consumed in processing the debt and the cost involved in recovering the same is a matter to consider.

Of the two types of lenders i.e. the banking community and the private lenders. It is the private lender who is at more risk; this is because most of the private lenders offer credit without actually looking into the credit worthiness of an individual. But to safeguard themselves against such circumstances the lenders charge high rate of interest and ask for security in the form of property or house. The lenders in order to safeguard themselves against various vagaries have formed communities and the interest fixed by them is uniform among all, though there might be some exception. Be it educational loan, car loan or house loan, it is the lender who is at risk. The highest amount of debt taken is for home loan category. It is found that the lenders gain with refinancing. Refinancing is nothing but paying off existing debts and taking a new one. Refinancing is on the increase because of lower interest rates, the lenders gain by the amount of refinancing loans that are applied. It is to safeguard against the various risk that the lenders drawn an agreement between the borrower and themselves.

Another method that the lenders have adopted in order to increase the speed of processing the loan and to alert them on any discrepancies is the LEAP system, LEAP is Lenders Easy Access Program where all the details of a borrower are keyed and the processing of the borrowers application is done at a faster pace allowing the borrowers to get the amount at a quicker period of time and helps the lender by reducing the time and the cost involved in processing of documents.

Therefore the risk faced by a lender while lending money, are many. The only way to safeguard them is to abide by the rules set forth by the banking community and adopt honest and transparent method of lending.

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