I’ve been involved in Internet Businesses for quite a few years….even before we retired. We were fortunate to be able to retire early, thanks in part to the Internet. I’ve had success with some programs, as well as paying my dues and acquiring an expensive education with unsuccessful programs. But I’ve certainly learned a lot. And one of the most important things I’ve learned is that things are constantly changing on the Internet. What worked last year might not work this year or a new strategy will work better (more on this later).

A real business with a real quality product, that is worth the cost, is important to me. Although, I confess I’ve gotten caught up in a few “money games” and questionable programs along the way.

Anyway, last year my main business company was going down, although I was still working it. I started looking to see what else was out there. I saw several programs selling ebooks and software for a hefty price…many of them were available for free or a low cost if one searched. And other programs with good products that were over-priced. And some other programs with some good products, but hard to understand and explain to justify the cost. Many now days are 1 or 2-up programs, where you just make money on your sales with no opportunity for residual income. And a lot were probably good programs, but were not capable of producing a great income without recruiting tons of people into a matrix.

And then I was introduced to Global Resorts Network by my sponsor in a couple of previous programs. When I saw it and studied the product, I was thrilled. We love to travel and own a couple of timeshare weeks and enjoy staying in luxury resort condos. It’s so much nicer than just a hotel room.

But time shares can be frustrating. It can be hard to exchange for when and where you want to travel. And the fees keep going up…there are maintenance fees, exchange fees and subscription fees, plus the initial cost of buying a week…which can be tens of thousands. We pay over $1000 a year in these fees. So when I saw the GRN Platinum Lifetime membership for only $3000, I was excited. We could get rid of our timeshare weeks and not have to pay all of the fees. And with the Global Resorts Network membership, now we pay only for what we actually use…as low as $298 for a full week in a luxury resort condo!

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