What Anonymous Surfing Is

People who have concerns about privacy issues that arise from surfing the web are not without a means
to fix the problem. Anonymous surfing allows users to surf the web from any computer and hide their identity such as IP address, location (city/state/country), and browser information. It also allows employees to surf from their work PC while protecting the company’s computer information. Anonymous surfing can protect the user from being identified as having surfed the web when they’re not supposed to for example from their place of employment. Some of the Anonymous Surfing services will hide user’s URL’s along with their website traffic. The information is hidden within a Virtual Private Network. This is very effective when people use broadband and went to ensure nobody can peruse their personal information.

Additional Provisions of Anonymous Surfing

Anonymous surfing not only provides privacy protection it gives users a host of other bonuses. Pop-ups become a thing of the past since anonymous surfing often blocks them. Also, users don’t have to be concerned with cookies and home-page hijackings because many anonymous surfing sites take care of them. Other items that anonymous surfing takes care of are: home-page hijackings, adware, spyware, and keeps people from getting a computer virus. Often bandwidth is decreased which increases the speed of the Internet.

Will it Cost Me?

Many anonymous surfing services are free of charge. However, they do offer users manifold services that do come with a charge. Some of the sites offer the opportunity to store bookmarks, no limitations placed upon downloads, ability to have file extension, assurance of prime access even during times of high volume and traffic numbers, and the ability to circumvent the cache. Others offer the convenience of email, IM service, and chatting capability.

Why aren’t More People Utilizing Anonymous Surfing?

Alot of people don’t know about anonymous surfing or don’t yet feel the true need for privacy as they should. Anonymous surfing goes far in protecting users and their information while they move around online. Also, alot of people aren’t aware that anonymous surfing exacts or that they truly have a need to protect themselves by concealing their IP address and other vital information.

Which Type of Anonymous Surfing Sites are Out There?

@nonymouse Anonymous Web Surfing gives users the ability to type into a URL, and the web page will be extracted for the user. Proxify eliminates ads, cookies, scripts, information from referrers, and the option to hide page titles exists as well. The cloak permits users to surf on sites and while doing so it removes Java code that the site may attempt to place on one’s webpage. Also, the cloak removes images and cookies.

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