Drywall (also called wallboard, gypsum board, and plasterboard) is an economical building material usually used to face walls and ceiling inside structures. Composed primarily of gypsum rock stretched out in a flat sheet between two pieces of thin board (or heavy paper, as some say), drywall is low-budget and easy to install—two reasons why it’s the most commonly used interior building material throughout the world!

Forms of Drywall
White board—regular. This form of drywall looks appealing, is the cheapest, and is used for those who need either a quick-fix or wish for a nice appearance at a very cheap price.

Fire-resistive (“Type X”) – A bit more expensive, for obvious reasons. This form of drywall holds up better, although it has its drawbacks as well.

Green Board—washrooms and other high-humidity areas. This form of drywall presumably absorbs moisture well.

Drywall Specifications and Types
The standard cut for drywall in the United States and Canada is 4 feet (1220 mm) wide and eight feet (2440 mm) long, although these sheets can be custom cut to exact-fit the specifications and dimensions of any home. Some industrial sheets are cut at 16 feet (4880 mm). The standard measurements for drywall in other countries are slightly different: 1200 mm wide and 2400 long, although that varies.

Thickness varies, too. Typically, drywall is from one-half inch (12mm, 12.5 mm, or 12.7 mm) to one inch (25 mm), but it slightly differs in every country, depending on that country’s building regulations and system of measurement.

The United States and Canada together possess the greatest number of gypsum board users in the world. The gypsum board (drywall) market is booming and continues to rise. This is probably due to increased real estate and the fact that “an average American home contains seven metric tons of gypsum” (U.S. Geological Survey), which offers the possibility that drywall might contribute to the increase in home value.

Drywall is the material for all seasons. This material provides protection and lightweight support and adds an attractive appeal to the home.

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