The system devised by the platform of the multimillionaire Rupert Murdoch allows the companies to design its announcements from the tastes, likings, activities, professions and hobbies of its users.
And nothing else is more indicated that the site of social networks that counts with 110 million profiles in which the internauts register their personal data and their preferences. All that MySpace information puts it to the service of the advertisers in the United States and, from 2008, it will do the same in the rest of the world. “Our mission with Hypertargeting is to construct an advertising platform to transfer a massive amount of information expressed by the own user in announcements very distinguished, based on tastes and I interest, to send the precise announcement to the precise person at the precise moment”, How works Hypertargeting? The portal created more than 100 subcategories specialized for the advertisers and distributes to its different users according to the niche to which they adapt. Thus, for example, the fans to soccer receive information about compatible products to their tastes, the same happens with the lovers of the cinema, the kitchen, music, etc. In a time he will have more than thousand categories

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