It is true that you can generate thousands of dollars per month. By just allowing a particular Adsense program to display their advertisements into your website, you will be given a percentage from the revenue generated from the impression (click) done by a visitor. In other words, you are on a win-win situation.

In order for you to profit more using Adsense, it is advised that you build two or more Adsense sites. Why two and not one? Creating more sites is much better; remember that you will be competing with top search engines optimizers (sites that are frequently displayed on the first few pages in a search engine). The art of creating Adsense sites is get them listed on the top pages of search engines for free if you choose the right niche.

The revenue that you can generate from these smaller niche sites will be much higher. You do not have to spend on advertising your site. Visitors will be entering your own website and there is a large probability that they will be clicking the ads that are displayed in your site.

So what is this niche? This is the selection of a particular topic with exact keywords that Adsense will pay you premium when a visitor clicks on that particular advertisement. It may not be the most trafficked site; but remember Adsense is serious in paying you once a visitor is interested on it and click their ads.

Building your Adsense Sites

There are three methods to build a website where Adsense can display their ads. These are discussed in the preceding sections.

The Content Model

You will be creating your website for a particular niche market. Normally, you would find the keywords for niche topics with a low number of search results but with a high number of search words. It will be your basis in creating your website which can contain between 20 to 50 pages. Remember that the important factor here is the content; so most probably. You will be integrating well-written content resources (such as articles) that your visitor may be interested to read.

The Single Page Model

Your website will have only a single. Conventionally, it is hard to attract visitors compared with sites having a hundred pages mainly because of less content integrated in it. However, you can still attract visitors by using the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffic and submitting your articles to article sites and directories. Another advantage is that the text is highly optimized towards a certain keyphrase that there are no other links that will be followed except the page itself. In this case, there is a great possibility that the visitor will be clicking on the ads. Just make sure that your contents are of great interest to your visitor.

The Number Game Model

You will be creating one site (either a single or multi-page site) that will attract visitors and generates revenues. After seeing the progress, you will start building a similar site that will double your Adsense revenues. It is just like creating a staircase website model; as you create more and more sites, your revenues will increase gradually.

You can try building your own Adsense site using any of the three methods discussed above. Remember that above all; target all your sites around the correct keywords. It will be an excellent way to have your Adsense site generates income.

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