A lot of places online offer turnkey websites, all ready for you to buy and start making money. Have you ever thought about trying one of these turnkey businesses for yourself? Before you consider buying a turnkey website, here is a short checklist to make sure you’re going to have everything you need to make money with it.

The first thing you will need to do is see the site itself, and ensure you see it in action from the potential customers point of view. It will be no use having a website which looks nice but is too difficult for your potential clients to use. Make sure all the functions, and links are working and that the website does as it should.

Next you will need to see if your potential turnkey website is easy enough for you to use. A lot of sellers of turnkey sites will let you log in to the administration panel and have a play around with the features in there. Take the opportunity to make sure you are confident in changing aspects of the site, and that you will be able to understand the functions well enough to set up the site the way you want.

You may find that the turnkey system includes a domain name and hosting, although some sellers will just offer an installation service included in the purchase price. If you are getting a domain name and hosting, check first the price you will pay for the hosting service after the initial period which is included in the sale. Some less scrupulous dealers will offer you a great price for the turnkey website package but lock you into an expensive monthly hosting contract, and it can be quite difficult for the inexperienced to move a site once it is setup and running. A reasonable price to pay for a domain hosting account is $3-$6 a month depending on the size and usage you expect the site to get.

A turnkey website can be a goldmine when you ensure it is setup correctly from the start, so make sure you look carefully at the whole turnkey package before buying. It can save you a lot of problems later, if you check everything now, and your turnkey site could become one of your best investments ever.

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