There are a lot of places where you can buy the Iraqi dinar. It will be a half year dayjob to test them all!

So where can I buy the dinar safely?

Look for the companies that are involved in more than only selling the new Iraqi dinar. They do not want to destroy their good names by selling counterfit notes or just do not send you anything at all.

These companies are better to get in touch with and you can check them out more easily on the search engines. Do not buy at sites where there is no contact information! Always try to email the company first so the least you know is that their customer support is fine.

Also try to find out more about the company by doing an IP check. You can fine a lot of sites offering this for free. If it is a hidden id and no info can be given about the domain just leave. When they are hiding means they do not really believe in this opportunity and are just resellers for the quick buck. Why would they otherwise hide?

What I can say is that when something is ‘hot’ you always get fraudland people attracted. There are already scam reports regarding this. People who do not receive anything at all or just copied paper! As soon as you receive your dinars find out what the security marks are (do a search on google!) and check it out.

Also look at the prices. It should be somewhere around $100 for 100,000 dinars. When the price is a lot less alarm bells should ring. When it is a lot more look for a better place. I have seen prices on the net ranging from $50 to $200 for the same pack of dinars. Just do not jump onto this, get educated!

For the rest I recommend that you use the documentation on my site. The links, ads and articles are there for you, to assist you in your due diligence.

The best to you and keep away from the scammers!

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