“There are a lot of places where I can buy Iraqi dinars, but where can I sell them?”

I get this question in my mailbox on a daily basis. To explain this best to you let me first begin explaining why this opportunity even exists.

You can buy dinars everywhere because this is not a common currency yet. They are ‘just’ a pack of printed paper. That is the key to trade and sell them freely, by anyone.

If this was an accepted currency from the day it was printed this ‘money loophole’ would not even be known. The reason is simple: Governments do not allow currency exchange unless you are a registered corporation.

That is also the reason why this is a time limited opportunity!

Here is why: As soon as Iraq gets his act together, the World Bank is going to review Iraq’s status and when they think it is stable enough it will be accepted. As soon as that happens you will be breaking the law trying to sell dinars!

“Now what has this got to do with selling my dinars?”

Everything! After acceptance by the world bank, all the banks in the world will follow and you can exchange them there! Just as you would sell your euros or yens after a holiday.

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