We often hear about the many thousands of locations where you can find a Wal-Mart, or a Target, or even the remaining K-Marts. But none of these retail giants can even come close to the Internet.

I remember when many of us first got online circa 1997. There were only 17% of Americans online and most countries around the world had barely even heard of the World Wide Web.

Within a few short years, Amazon-com had become the biggest bookstore in history with literally millions of books at their fingertips. eBay became the largest retail operation in history and the biggest retail business in the world.

But those giant retailers that the media always points to aren’t the real story. From day one, the Internet was about offering people everywhere access to products, services, and ideas from everywhere else. The Net was about customizing.

Instead of going to Wal-Mart and choosing one of the three products they offered in the category of your choosing, you are able to go online and choose from just as many products as exist.

Take something like jewelry. Wal-Mart (and I only use them as an example because they’re in practically every community in America) offers a jewelry area with several hundred items. The Internet gives you quick access to literally MILLIONS of jewelry items.

And because most online stores are largely virtual, their costs are extremely low. That means while a discount retail store discounts products 20% or 30%, an online store can discount 40% to 70% and more. And they don’t just do that during special sales — online retailers give those kinds of savings every day.

There was a time when people thought they couldn’t judge a product unless they could hold it in their hand. But today, high resolution photographs, experiences provided by other shoppers, independent reviews, and more give shoppers a better chance than ever to find exactly the item they need — AND have total trust that the item will work perfectly for them.

So give yourself a fun online shopping spree today. You’ll get products your neighbors can’t find locally, you’ll get those products at amazingly low prices, and you can do it all without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

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