Alessi watches come in a wide variety of styles with an equally wide variety of features. They are great bought wholesale because these watches sell themselves because they are each individual works of art. Alessi works with designers to produce their watch lines. The final products are rich in color, style and versatility. The following outline a brief example of the many collections available from Alessi.

Alessi 1000 series
This collection is all about color and crystals. The designs are by Stefano Pirovano. These watches are unisex with a uniquely designed strap and case combination.

Alessi 2000 series
This collection is deigned by Stefano Pirovano. It is all about leather bands that are shaped in eye catching ways. They come in aluminum cases colored appropriately to fit with the watch.

Alessi 3000 series
Designed by Ron Arad these watches feature rotating disks on the face that are used to tell the time. These pieces are moving art with unisex appeal.

Created by Alberto Meda, this watch is meant to be an all purpose piece. Through the use of different materials and unique strap design he has created a watch that looks elegant, yet purposeful.

This series is created by Alessandro Mendini. These watches are supposed to be reluctant of the moon both in shape and look. The idea behind them is a smooth, rounded appearance.

These are only a sample of the many collaborations between artists and Alessi. Such collaborations make Alessi watches quick sellers. Wholesale Alessi

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