It is difficult however to get wholesale Bapes because the demand is very high and the supply is quite limited. There are however very few places which have genuine interaction with the shoe factories directly ( and those places only will give good value for your money.

You can definitely buy wholesale Bapes over the net (, as you could buy them in open market, though it is quite rare to find them sold at wholesale price. However when you do you will like a million dollar note, not only because it is very difficult to get it, but also because it is such a gift to have something so exquisite at a discounted cost.

Wholesale Bapes range today includes clothing, haircuts, and even food joints. The success of this young entrepreneur is astounding. There is a tactic that Nigo used to make this brand a hot-seller and which worked like a charm. This technique is based of exclusivity. There is a rule that the Bape customer can purchase no more than one piece of one type of product and it is also necessary that the Bape should be exactly his/ her size.

From clothes Nigo went into the shoes arena and brought a very fashionable (and closely related to Nike in design) sneakers that were instant hits with the youngsters. They are brightly colored and non-conformist, which may be why it has caught the attention of the young generation. After a few rappers (Cassidy & Pharell, Jay-Z and others) used the Bapes, these sports shoe became fashion shoes sought by the entire young hip-hop crowd. Their heightened demand decreased the wholesale Bapes availability in the market as the prices soared and demands grew.

Today it is with great difficulty that you may get wholesale Bapes ( and with their popularity increasing in the market, this difficulty will not end in the near future. For those who still are looking for better prices, it is good to watch for sales or for specific net sites ( where such deals are available. Wholesale Bapes are not only beautiful, they even look a bit like Nike, but they are also highly durable.

The person who drives this growing empire, Nigo, inpite of his great success with the USA crowd, has no plans to live in US. He has emphasized that if he had to create better Bapes, he had to be in Japan – where he can keep his hands on the pulse of both Europe and USA – and translated it into his future Bapes. Wholesale Bapes may be a dream for many, but watch out for the new designs that are going to enthrall you over the next few years. A new fashion revolution has started.

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