Whether you like it or not, the search engine will always remain the number ONE way for people to find your internet business website. There are practically no way any website can escape from the clutches of the search engine even in the future to come. After so many century of research, researchers still can’t find a good replacement for petrol which cars still rely on and that explain why oil will keep rising in the future to come.

Yes, you may write FREE articles and submit it to the various ezine website and get traffic via your article resource box but ask yourself these questions:

In the first place, how do you find those ezine website to submit your article?

The majority of ezine writers still rely on the “Search Engine” to find ezine site to submit their articles by searching for keywords such as “article bank”, “article directory” etc. Imagine the kind of time and effort required if you tried to find these ezine site without the “Search Engine”.

How do MOST people find the relevant ezine site for information that they are looking for?

Again, the majority of us still rely on the “Search Engine” to find the relevant information that we need. Without the “Search Engine”, information finders will not be able to find your articles that are listed on the various ezine website. With the help of powerful “Search Engine” like google, your relevant article will appear to the user in seconds.

As you can see from the above, the search engine act as a bridge for all internet website as it will be very difficult for someone to find information without a common ground such as the Search Engine.

Therefore, as an Internet Business Entrepreneur, it is VERY important for you to allocate part of your time to learn and understand the Search Engine. For example, Google has introduced some measured to fight Domain Spamming. If you are not aware of its changes and still register your Internet Business Domain with a short time span of one or two years, then don’t wonder WHY you still did not received any Search Engine traffics even after staying in the Google Sandbox for six to nine months which has become the normal period before any NEW website is release as search results from the Google Search

Keeping your Internet Website within the Search Engine requirement allows you to receive FREE Search Engine traffics which will lead to increase customers for your Internet Business. Of course, don’t focus too much on your Search Engine Ranking Algorithm as it is something which keep changing and is beyond your control. Instead, seek to understand by creating a Search Engine Friendly website that make it easy for the Search Engine to indexed your web page. For e.g. creating relevant Title, Alt
Text for Images, Getting only Highly Targeted Relevant Links, Estimate Numbers of Correct Keyword Density on Each Page etc.

However, do continue with your Article Marketing as it is a Good Marketing Strategy and include Search Engine Marketing as your second source of FREE traffics which at time when you tweak it correctly, your TRAFFICS can really double or triple of what you can get from your Article Marketing method.

Wishing all Internet Business Owner success in getting High Traffics from the “Search Engine”.

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