Are you one of those internet marketers who faithfully believe that if they could only increase the traffic to their site they could make a killing?

This is the way most people think. More traffic = higher profits.

But that’s not always true. If it is going to do you any good, it has to be ‘targeted’ traffic. What’s the difference?

Targeted traffic consists of people who are interested in your product or service and would be more likely to spend money to get it from you.

Non-targeted traffic consists of the rest of the world. These individuals are not interested in buying what you have and, therefore, will not part with their cash for it.

Since time and money are valuable resources, don’t waste them trying to promote your site to people with no interest in your product. Instead, find out where your targeted visitors spend their time. Then you can promote your site there.

For example, let’s say you want to promote a site called and one way you will do so is by posting messages in online forums and including a link back to the site in your signature.

Now think about which forums you can post in. There are many popular forums that discuss internet marketing and they have thousands of members. That’s a large market, but it is not targeted to your website. Sure, some of them may be interested in an Aruba vacation, but its more likely they are on the forum to read about internet marketing.

A much more efficient choice would be to find forums that actually discuss Aruba, the Caribbean, travel, or some other related topic. The forum you find may only have a few hundred (or even a few dozen) members. But 100% of them are interested in the product, service, or website you are promoting.

Just two more important things to consider:

  1. Always read the forum rules before posting. Not all forums allow links to be posted.
  2. Do not just write one sentence posts just to get your link posted. That’s considered spam.

Instead, write useful and informative posts that will portray you as an expert on the field. People will be more likely to click on your link if you build a reputation on the forum first.

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