I’ve sold cars for Dodge, Ford and GMC and all the places that I have been I’ve ran into some of the same problems. This one is the worst. Why do people try to finance a car if they do not pay their child support? Do people out there really think that a bank is willing to loan you money if you will not even pay for your children? Or is it that you think that nobody will find out? Whatever it is, I made this article for all of the customers that have made me waist my time making a car deal just find out that they were behind on there child support. This is for you, stop shopping!

When you are is the car business they teach you to ask qualifying questions. That’s how you figure out whom you have in front of you, without being intrusive. Simple questions in conversation like, which lender is your current car financed through. If it is GMAC chances are that you have decent credit, or you did a few years back. How did you like them? If they say they are great, they made their payments on time. If they say I hate them they won’t stop calling me, then you probably have a problem. With that said I usually could feel a person out pretty well before we even sit down at the desk. I never found a way, without being rude to ask. Are you a deadbeat dad?

I never knew how to address that question. Most times you don’t even think of it because you will see it only about once a week. Usually a person knows that their behind and they want to try to get approved over the phone, and you can tell them at home to stop shopping. That is understandable but it is those people that say, “I have good credit I don’t owe anybody.” Until you pull their credit and find out they should say, “I don’t pay anybody.” Then they have the nerve to get mad at you when you can’t sell them a car. It’s not the salesman’s fault you can’t finance a school lunch. They puff their chest out and poke their finger on the desk and say, ” if yall don’t wanna do it I’ll take my business down the road.” Or they say, “This is the fourth dealership that I have been in today and everybody keeps telling me the same thing.” Salesmen don’t get paid by the hour, why wouldn’t I want you to leave in a new vehicle? That would be like calling a plumber out to fix a leak and him coming out just to say I don’t fix leaks. It is not realistic to think a salesman wants to pass on a sale, or a bank will loan you money if you will not even pay for your own children.

If your not sure what is on your credit report look. It is free and can save you a lot of time and maybe embarrassment. If bill collectors are calling you or your not paying for your children you’re probably not going to get approved. Most places wont even waist their time they send a manager to kick you out. If you can’t even afford to pay for your children it’s not time to buy a new car.

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