wildblue, one of the leading Satellite Internet service providers in America is on the verge of offering many value added services to customers. The company has one of the best technologies on offer when it comes to Satellite Internet. It uses the Ka-band space which has nearly twice the allocation as compared to ku-band. The service is available almost anywhere in America at fast download speeds of 1.5 Mbps. In the first quarter of 2008 Wildblue will be launching services in tie-up with Google which will be an added attraction for every Wildblue customer. With the Google tie-up customers will be able to access the popular Google web services such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar shared calendering and many more powerful web gadgets from the 2000 odd Google tools.

While speaking to the press at the announcement of the tie-ups David Leonard the Chief Executive Officer of Wildblue expressed his optimism about the alliance. He said that the partnership with Google is another step in Wildblue’s commitment to offer value added and innovative services to customers. Wildblue customers will have a heady mix of Google news and other Google innovative products once the services are rolled out in the first quarter. The Wildblue site will get a makeover to include all these features. Stephen Cho Head, Product Management Director at Google syndication expressed his optimism that customers of Wildblue will enjoy the wide range of innovative services offered by Google.

As a premier Satellite Internet service provider in North America, Wildblue is taking all strategic and operational measures to ensure that customers get the best out of the services. During the initial period after the launch of its services, there were complaints that the company had sold its bandwidth limitation in certain areas. The company has come over these issues and expects to offer high quality services to customers. Apart from offering innovative services to home users, the company is also prepared to extend high end services to corporate customers. The company has signed a partnership agreement with UDcast to develop new products which would help enterprises benefit from a range of IP services over WildBlue broadband Internet services. Broadband Internet was never a preferred option for customers who wanted to use it for VPN purposes. After the partnership with UDcast, Wildblue has approved the UDcast UDgateway as an accelerated VPN solution for enterprise users. This removes one of the biggest hurdles of broadband adoption with corporates. From a business point-of-view the enhanced services will help Wildblue expand its footprint in the vast American corporate sector.

There are other partnership which have been signed with companies such as NomadISP. Under the agreement public hotspot users will be able to access high speed Internet using NomadISP WiFi devices. The company keeps scouting for partners which will help to offer better services to home users and corporate customers. Customers can look forward to many innovative solutions from Wildblue in 2008. As one of the leading broadband Internet service providers in America, the company is committed to providing high end broadband Internet solutions.

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