If you’re new to online marketing, you may be unaware of a one important fact–everyone is out to get your email address.Yep. It’s true. You’ve heard, “The Money Is In the List,” right? Well, how do you think people get lists?

But be careful.

Some people are greedy and get your email address again and again and keep sending those infernal emails about this, that, or the other thing, day after day, to every email account you own. It really gets obnoxious!

As one who would love to have your email address, too, I now have to tell you how you undoubtedly became part of a list–Lead Capture.

If you’ve never heard the term, you may have heard “squeeze page,” and most of these pages work the same way.

A lead capture or squeeze page will have some text and graphics and one thing is always the same–the box for your name and email. Some are more elaborate and ask for your home address, your telephone number, and so on.

Any lead capture page should explain why you might want to relinquish your information and that the person/company collecting the information promises not to share it with anyone for any reason. If you’re going to give your information up, these factors are requirements, not options!

When you’re surfing and see a page with just a “Please Sign Up Here” and the boxes, with no information regarding the site’s privacy policy or what you’re signing up for–BEWARE!

You can be put on oh so many lists! Mailing lists, calling lists, and who knows what other kinds of lists. And don’t forget, if you’re someone who hates telemarketing calls, that by giving the information, you’ve rescinded your Do Not Call status in the U.S. from that particular marketer, and if the company sells or rents your phone number, well… you may have given up a lot more.

It’s OK to give your information if you a) know what you’re getting in return, b) know that the offer comes from a reliable source, and c) you know what will happen to your information once you provide it. The watchword online is prudence.!

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