What or where is the road to easy money?

Maybe you have a rich uncle? Or maybe you know the winning numbers to the lottery? However, if you’re thinking an Article Directory is the way to go, you may be disappointed.

Why isn’t an Article directory the path to success?

With the search engines, content is “king” so more content should increase the chances of our website being included in the search engine results – Right?

Traditionally, making money from an Article Directory required that advertising of some sort, like Google’s AdSense, be added to each article’s page. Users would find the article via the search engines, read the article, and then click on the advertising link. The result is money earned from the user clicking on the ad. If we published more articles, then more people would click and we would make MORE money. Get the idea?

This normally would be sound thinking; however the thing about search engines that it is easy to forget is that they have very few slots open at the top of their search results. Getting to the top is not easy anymore, especially if you’re working in a competitive subject area. The amount of content on the internet continues to grow daily.

So what good then is an Article Directory?

I’d suggest that an Article Directory is one piece of developing a website worth visiting and “worthy” of the top search engine results. You need to have GOOD PRODUCTS and SERVICES to make any money. However, if you want your site to be around very long you also need information to keep your visitors.

For example: When I first started looking into establishing a home business, I knew almost nothing about one – other than the fact that there were a lot of scams and I needed to be careful before pulling out the credit card.

I did some research, and then finally selected a company that had been around for a while with products to sell along with an opportunity. My sponsor had his own website and one of the first things I did after signing up was to look thru his site for more information. I went thru various pages of his site reading everything I could and also clicking on… guess what… AdSense ads. (Google and their advertiser’s would probably have been happy as well as I was a “targeted clicker”).

The point of this example is that there are many WAYS TO MAKE MONEY on the internet – MAKE USE OF ALL OF THEM.

An article directory may very well help draw people to your site thru the search engines, depending on the content of the articles and many other factors. However, like many other site owners you may need to use multiple techniques to get visitors to your site. Along the same line of thinking you may need multiple ways of making money. Once you get visitors to your site you need to keep them there and keep them coming back for more and then to either spend money or generate money via advertising clicks.

Today, with online marketing there may no longer be any one “easy road” to success, but there are still lots of different techniques which together all contribute to success.

Your own article directory is one way to be successful.

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