Every business goes through a “slump.” Hey, you’ve been raking in the bucks when… blam, you’re up against a brick wall. The customers seem to have forgotten you exist, and the bills pile up. Don’t despair… you’re not alone.

I know that doesn’t fix one thing for you right now, but find comfort in the fact that slumps don’t last forever. Most businesses make it through, and with these 4 sure-fired “slump blasters,” you’ll make it too.

Some slumps are to be expected. Seasonal workers expect to have some down time during the “off season” months. Other slumps sneak up when you are doing your darnedest to market and implement every up-to-date marketing strategy in the book. Could it be that…

Once you’ve properly identified the cause, you can develop a counter strategy to boost yourself back into the black.

What If There’s No Obvious Cause?
When there is no apparent reason or catalyst, you can safely identify it as a normal business slump. Let’s face it… you’ve hit a normal business slump. You need to put these 4 tactics into action.

  1. Develop a special deal for your existing clientele. Make it short. Make it quick… put a deadline on the offer. Let them know as cheaply as possible that you’ve got a deal they can’t pass up… if they hurry! Get them into action.
  2. Let your prospective customers in on the secret. Get them hustling to get in on the deal, before it’s too late.
  3. Call your trusted, long-time customers and let them know you need their help. Ask them for referrals, and remember to reward their effort. They’ll feel like heroes and will bask in your appreciation.
  4. Temporarily blitz “quick” advertising media with your deal. Get the information out quickly, and you’ll start seeing results quickly.

Sometimes a little quick action is all it takes to boost things back into their perspectives. Hurry! Get your customers moving!

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