Direct Sales used to mean trying to talk your friends and relatives into joining the business. There were all kinds of tricks and strategies you were supposed to use to get prospects to come to your home for a meeting, spend time with you on the phone, or read your faxes and mailed sales letters.

Pretty soon a lot of the people you knew would start avoiding you. They weren’t interested in the business and didn’t like being pressured to join.

Not only that, but you had to purchase all the marketing materials from the Direct Sales company. The cost of brochures, mailers, slick sales letters, envelopes, stamps, and endless long distance phone calls really added up.

And remember the piles of product you had to store in your garage? How many people reading this still have an unused box of supplements that’s been sitting in the basement for years?

If that’s your view of Direct Sales, you should take a fresh look. The industry is changing very rapidly and for the better. Gone are the days of having to lick stamps and spending your evenings on the phone or holding home meetings.

These days highly sophisticated online marketing systems pull in thousands of warm leads almost automatically. Search engine advertising is used to send very large numbers of targeted prospects to professionally designed web sites. These sites fire up the prospects and send the most promising and enthusiastic to a top-notch sales team. The team talks with each prospect, separating the genuine leaders from those who are merely looking. Then only the best new customers are sent to you ready to buy.

Sound easy? You bet it is. Your web site can be completely automated right along with your hands-off marketing system. I know people, including myself, who spend as little as 7 minutes a week attending to their Direct Sales business. All we do is check our stats to see how much money we’re making, the rest — from advertising, to selling, to product delivery — is ALL done AUTOMATICALLY.

But I haven’t mentioned the most exciting aspect of today’s Direct Sales. Commissions are now MUCH higher than they were with $20 bottles of potions and lotions. Today, when I make a single sale, I receive $1,100 to $3,000 per order!

The key to these huge commissions is the superb automatic marketing and selling system. When you’ve got this kind of high powered selling capability, there is no point in wasting it on low-cost pills. Instead, Direct Sales is very easily selling expensive products and services that earn a much larger commission.

I learned a long time ago that the key to making big money in business is to find a way to increase your prices. The guy who makes a lot of $1,000 sales is going to be earning a much better income than the guy who is making the same number of $20 sales.

Today’s high-powered marketing and high-value products make Direct Sales the best and easiest way to earn a very good part-time or full-time income from home. Do yourself a big favor and get involved!

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