Ever thought of starting a business? Short of money though? Sourcing for capital is definitely essential if you want to grow the business and tide your business over the

initial tough period. In the below article, I will share with you the essentials to writing a successful business plan to help you seek better alignment with your team and also to

convince the potential investors that you have done your due research and work, and have a clear idea of what you would want to achieve both in the short and long terms. Without this business plan ready, who will be convinced to lend you huge sums of money, right ??

So read on now to find out more…

Outline of a Successful Business plan

1) Executive Summary

2) Customer Need and Business Opportunity

3) Market and Competitive Analysis

an advantage over theirs

4) Business Strategy and Key Milestones

choosing strategy of marketing

advantages, selecting an overall positioning strategy(Value Proposition) , developing a

positioning statement and communicating and delivering the chosen position

5) Product Development Plan


6) Marketing Plan

general pricing approaches like cost-based pricing, value-based pricing , and competitor

based pricing. Also under pricing strategies like market-skimming and market penetration

pricing. Test out product mix pricing strategies, price adjustment strategies, and see which

is more appropriate.

product support services. The product has to appeal to the target market

delivery network, selecting the type of channel design, channel management decisions.

Creating marketing logistics and integrated supply chain management.

promotion, public relations, personal selling and direct marketing, and see how to integrate

into one. Understand the communication process with consumers, and know the steps in

developing effective communication which include identifying target audience, determining

communication objectives, designing a message, choosing a media, selecting the message

source, and collecting feedback.

7) Operation Plan

equipment, and labor force that are required to provide the company’s product or service.

8) Management and Key Personnel

and investors look for a committed management team with a balance of technical, managerial,

and business skills. The proposal should include a description of the organizational

structure, key management personnel and their primary duties, and the board of directors, if


For each individual, include a brief statement of career highlights that focuses on his or

her ability to perform the assigned role. A complete resume for each member should be

included as an exhibit to the business plan.

fill each position. Discuss any current or past situations where the management personnel

have worked together, and indicate how their skills complement each other and result in an

effective management team.

9) Financial Projection

represent your best estimate of future operations. It can also serve as an operating plan

for your management team.

10) Risk Factors and Key Assumptions

11) The Proposed Offering

business. No one likes to lose money, right ?? Key Performance Indicator would be ROI

(return on investment)

In conclusion, with this basic guideline, you now a better idea of what to include in a

business plan to make a convincing statement and proposition to the potential investors.

Next step is to start the momentum going !! Time and Tide wait for no man.

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