There are so many reasons why information is the greatest commodity in the world. Information helps people. It spreads the knowledge of topics and subjects. It is the basis for every study, occupation, and hobby. The most important reason why information is the greatest commodity in the world, a reason that effectively sums up all others, is simple—everyone needs information.

Who provides information? Experts, or just people who seem to know a great deal about a certain subject, provide information about a subject to those of us who have limited experience with it. Face it—there is no single person in this world who knows everything, though some may think so! Eventually, everyone has to ask questions and seek answers to matters they do not understand. And since it seems everyone knows something, providing information throughout the world is easy.

You can find information everywhere. The Internet is one of the fastest, most inexpensive ways to obtain information about an innumerable wealth of subjects. Search engines are extremely useful, as are specialty websites. Offline sources include schools, libraries, and people themselves. Ever received a lecture from your dad on the importance of changing your oil regularly? Guess what—he was providing information.

Since information is the greatest commodity in the world, profiting from it can be easy. Consider teachers, for example. Their main business is to provide information to students, sometimes all year long. Book authors, website owners, and even religious figures are all trying to provide information of some sort.

Making it your business to provide information, when correctly executed, will be profitable for years to come. The need for information is not a trend, and it will not go out of style. Since we know why information is the greatest commodity in the world, we also know why it will continue to be just that. Whether you provide your information on or offline, you can earn income and even make a living.

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