The Second PLGA Conference opened with a brief address by Dick Chesnut who predicted that after the millennium, because of rapid technological developments, two printing methods will begin to emerge and dominate the packaging and label field – digital printing and gravure, or a form of gravure. The two processes have similarities because of their digital nature from artwork to finished print and basic simplicity.

Several presentations were made by package and label printers, recognized leaders in their product/market sectors, outlining their accomplishments as well as their views on the ‘perception’ problem that gravure has in the industry. Other sessions covered new press technology, prepress technology as well as advancements in inks and substrates.

The open format type of meeting generated numerous exchanges between presenters, panellists and floor delegates on topics such as misconceptions by the package/label user about the process and the continued need for gravure to innovate lower cost systems. The conference was attended by a broad cross section of the industry, ranging from wide web printers to smaller narrow web firms. There were also several delegates who use competing processes and who attended the conference because they are considering adding gravure to their printing capability.

The delegates suggested that future PLGA conferences continue to provide speakers who help clarify the issues creating misconceptions about gravure, highlight to advances in gravure technology that continues to make it the bench mark packaging/label printing process and perhaps even add speakers from other printing disciplines.

Another highlight was a presentation of plaques to each of the original twenty-two founding members of PLGA. Following this, new officers were elected including David Spence of Graphic Packaging as president, followed by a list of six directors and Bill Klein as the executive director for March 2000 also in Florida.

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