Joan rises at 5:30 and hurriedly gets ready for work. She drops some cereal bowls and spoons on the table, then nudges her oldest to wake up.

“I’ve got to leave right now for work. You need to wake up and get the others going and off to school on time. Don’t forget to pick up the living room,” Joan exclaims as she rushes out the door to start her long commute to the office.

Sound familiar? Joan’s busy life is sadly the norm in North America. Now more than ever, we’re working longer hours away from home when we wish we could spend more time with family and friends. And just as bad, we’re stressed, rushed, and not nearly as happy as we should be.

But what’s the answer? With rent, mortgages, interest rates, and gas prices all heading for the rafters, most of us are lucky to have a job, much less one that will get us ahead. You’ve got to work as hard at your 9-5 job as you can, else the bills won’t get paid.

There IS a way to get off this manic treadmill. You can start your own home-based business.

“But wait a minute,” you think to yourself, “I can’t support my lifestyle with a measly work-at-home business.” If that’s what you’re thinking, think again.

These days, thousands of home-based entrepreneurs all over the country are earning anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 or MORE per sale. Anyone who has been in business more than 10 minutes can tell you the BIG bucks come when you can charge high prices to an enthusiastic crowd of eager customers.

Sure, you can make money selling $10 items, but you have to sell a LOT of them to pay the rent. When the products or services you sell are priced higher, you can sell just one per week and earn a full-time income.

“But I don’t feel comfortable selling stuff. I wasn’t meant to be a sales person,” you say. Not a problem. These days there are teams of highly experienced sales people who will sell your products for you. You never have to talk to a client, place a telephone call, or fax information. The sales team does all that work for you, then takes a reasonable percentage of the sales price. If your product or service is priced right, the cost of your outsourced sales team can be easily afforded.

Finally, you probably don’t have a product or service already in place you can sell. Believe it or not, that’s no hurdle at all. There are complete automated online systems that are ready to go, equipped with their own super-hot products, and backed with a sales staff to deliver you the super-hot prospects who are ready to buy NOW!

Is this an EASY way to start a part-time business from home that earns you a FULL-TIME income? You bet it is. And thousands of people just like you are doing it. It’s time YOU gave your home business idea a try.

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