One of the major problems that many business entrepreneurs have is that instead of following their own goals, ambitions and interests to gain success, they choose to chase after success by working to establish themselves in a hot business market that may not be of any interest to them. Although it is possible to achieve success by running a business that holds little interest to you, before long, you will find that this sort of venture will drain your ambition, and ultimately have a negative effect on you both personally and professionally.

Think about it: What would keep you more motivated – Being in a job you enjoy, or in a job that you find boring? Not a difficult question to answer right?

Naturally having a job you enjoy is something that almost everyone strives for; however, the problem that many new business entrepreneurs are faced with is that they have a hard time figuring out what they want out of life. Thus, they proceed to fumble around in different professions, desperately groping around in the dark for their one true calling. This leaves them constantly chasing after a success that is always two steps ahead of them.

To avoid this from happening to you, the following 7 key points will help you stop chasing after success, so you can use your interests to let success find you.

1.Find your life’s purpose and true calling: Remember when you were a child and you had such high hopes for your future, when you used to dream about all of the great things you would do once you were older and able to make your dreams a reality. Well even if this was not one of your childhood fancies, it is time for you to take a serious look at those dreams you lost and hid away in the back of your mind, and find out how you can make them work and grow in your business.

2.Did you choose your work or did your work choose you? Surprisingly, many people fail to take this into consideration, and instead choose to keep their focus on making fast money with the current popular market. By following this type of career, you have given all of your business power and control to a market that can offer you nothing but quick cash until that market dies, or you lose interest and move on to search for hopefully the next big thing.

3.Are you using your natural talents or “gifts” that you enjoy and do so well? Ask yourself if you are using your expertise to benefit your business. Your talents will help make you creative, innovative and keep you challenged. It is your “gifts” that make you an expert of a particular field. Use this to your advantage, and success will find you.

4.Are you ignoring your passions and values? Most people have values, and regardless if these values are religious, personal or so on, the values that you follow say a great deal about your character, and your passions. Therefore, if you are running a business that you don’t believe in, and that is personally unfulfilling, you will never achieve the success you are after, because you don’t have faith in your own business.

5.All of us have gifts but sometimes many of us have a difficult time identifying them: Finding your own talents may take time, but it is time well worth spending. If you have a hard time thinking of things you are good at, make a list of all the times you did really well in school, sports, arts and various life experiences. It may also help to speak with those who you are close to. Often your most trusted friends and family can clue you in on what you excel at. Another option is to begin by exploring options in business fields you like.

  1. How do I find my life’s work? You can find your life’s work by making a list of all the goals you wish to accomplish, and by discovering how many of these goals are similar. Keep in mind that your life’s work is something that you enjoy whole-heartedly, and is a continuous goal that you will always trying to be working towards. It should not be something that can be achieved quickly.

7.Be able to connect who you are with what you do: Once you know your life’s work, it is now time to go out there and discover the business opportunities that speak to your ambitions, values and interests. Remember, when you like something and are truly good at it, you will soar to fantastic heights.

The bottom line: Use these seven key points as a guideline to get yourself on the right track. Love what you do, put everything you have into it, and let success find it’s way to you through your wise decisions and passion for your work.

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