How many times have you sat down at the computer to write a sales letter or an article and just piddled and hem-hawed around in front of a blank word document trying come up with something to write, or waiting to get into the mood?

To get started and to make the task easier did you type out an outline – and then didn’t it become quite a bit easier to fill in the article or finish out the letter?

Imagine what it’s like for your customer to sit down and try to come up with something to say for a testimonial. Without the structure provided by an outline or list of questions, they’re far more likely to just put it off. This is why most marketers don’t get the number of quality testimonials they need for their ad copy.

Recently a famous internet marketer revealed in his newsletter the secret behind how he got a massive quantity of testimonials for the launch of his product. This marketer made his fame when in a single day on August 17, 2004, he generated one million dollars on the sales of his product.

He had his programmer write a script that collected answers in a form that the testimonial giver filled in and submitted. He got back enough testimonials to make his sales-letter, if printed out, 35 pages long! He attributes this success to the use of the script. That’s an awesome response!

The Pushbutton-Simple Way To Get Testimonials

I use a script – called ‘Testimonial Wizard’, that makes it super easy to manage and deploy testimonial questionnaires.

Why it works:
It leads your testimonial writer and gives them a clear and structured way to answer your request for a testimonial. People respond well and positively when they’re provided with clear direction.

But why send customers to a page? Why not just send an email with your questions?

Because a page containing a form gives you the ability to send the respondant to a thank you page, where they can grab a free gift as an incentive to complete the questions.

It’s actually less work than doing something similar with email, it’s instantly gratifying for the respondant, and the response rate can be dramatically better.

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