For 10+ years now people have been searching for ways to make money on the internet. That means for 10+ years people have been writing ebooks promising you that if you read this book you will make money on the internet.

To put it to you the easiest way I know how, “They are all full of shit”. The only reason why 99% of the ebooks ever get written is for the sole purpose of making money for the writer. The writer could care less about helping you earn money on the internet after they have sold the ebook to you. I have never purchased an ebook but I have browsed through most of the ebooks that are supposed to be decent and never found any use full information that I couldn’t find easily for free.

Here is why none of these ebooks can ever make you rich. The main reason is because they always lack the idea. This is the most important part behind making a website for profit. You need to get that one idea that is unique and its something people will want. That is a must in order to make huge profits on the internet. No one is ever going to sell you that information so stop looking for it. You need to come up with that yourself.

Heres an example on what a real “how to make money online” ebook should look like:

First off I will give you the million dollar idea that is going to make you rich. Since you are the only person who bought my ebook you will have exclusive rights to all my information and you can rest assure no one will be copying you.

Through out this ebook I am going to walk you through step by step from the idea all the way up to cashing the checks. So lets get started with the idea right now.

The million dollar idea that you bought off of me for $59,95 because I am too lazy to put this idea into action is this. You are going to make and market a website that mimics the look and functions a computer desktop. Everything will work exactly the same from moving the icons to making new folders and icons.

What this is doing is giving users something that they are used to seeing with functionality that does not need to be explained. This will help out in that famous decision that will come up to everyone that sees your site down the road which is, “Make this page your homepage?” The purpose behind this site is to get users to use it as their homepage which will end up bringing a ton of traffic to you on a daily basis.

To build the site I would just hire a programmer to make it. There are quite a few freelance sites where you can go post your job and get it done easy. I would suggest to get the site done in AJAX because its probably the easiest to do all that functionality in right now.

The first step in marketing the site is we are going to get webmasters interested. To do this we are going to allow them to create their own icons for their sites and submit them. Why would a webmaster want to waste their time doing this? Well because the icon will be listed in our directory that are users will be browsing through to put icons on their internet desktop. So it will provide a link back to their site and it will also improve the chance of users picking their site to put on their desktop for the main reason of them having a custom icon.

Now that we got the webmasters involved you should start seeing your site being talked about throughout the internet and hopefully gaining some popularity. If you are lucky you will make it on popular websites that have the ability to send you a ton of traffic like Digg and Slashdot.

Now that we have the users we were looking for now we need to make some money. This can be done in two ways. The first way is just to sell simple banner space on the top of the site. The second is to use Google search to monetize it. Both ways are effective but I believe using Google search will make you more money.

Now I know that is incomplete obviously but that is basically how an ebook that is going to make you money online should look. They should not tell you how to make money without giving you the idea. That means the only idea that they are giving you is to write an ebook and sell it to people!

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