Getting through pre-qualification is sometimes a difficult and tedious task. However, it is often a “necessary evil” in order to be considered for larger projects. Companies or individuals see this as a way of ensuring that any perspective consultants are both serious, professional and above all, qualified for the task at hand.

What is pre-qualification? Pre-Qualification us generally a series of test to ensure that suppliers meet a minimum set of standards. Quite frequently, larger organizations will require this qualification process to be completed before you get to even review any specific project specification.

The actual process and needed documents for qualification will vary greatly depending upon the given company. Some many request nothing more than for you to fill out simple pre-qualification questionnaires – simple forms where you list your experience, qualifications, previous clients and other basic information. Others may require complicated and extensive documents that cover a range of topics. They may request reports on previous work, copies of all your relevant qualifications or even more abstract documents such personal statements of your goals. You may be asked to provide you quality information and procedures such as health and safety, equal opportunities and the environment.

While these processes will often make you feel like you’re jumping through hoops, you need to ensure you are taking pre-qualification seriously – this is how they weed out un-qualified applicants. Getting through pre-qualification demonstrates proof of your professionalism, commitment and desire to work with the client.

Never underestimate the pre-qualification task. Take your time filling in the form neatly and correctly. Make sure you provide accurate information. A poorly prepared pre-qualification form may have huge repercussions – this form could rule you out of any potential contracts with an organisation.

Pre-qualification requirements vary from organisation to organisation, yet there are generally questions that will be asked regularly. Some of this is highly specific and must be accurate. In order to help speed up completing the questionnaire assemble this information in advance using the Learn to Write Proposals Pre-qualification Toolkit. This helps you assemble a single source of information that you need to supply during pre-qualification.

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