With energy prices going up and the job market staying flat, a great many of us are thinking about starting some kind of business to earn some extra income.

You’re probably also thinking in the back of your mind that your business could take off, make a lot of money, and you could say good-bye to your boss, commuting, and spending so much time away from home.

Good for you! I KNOW you can do it and here’s why.

Usually when people start thinking of going into business for themselves, they concentrate on all the things they DON’T already know. They try to learn more about computers, take a class at the community school, read reports online, and talk to others who have worked in the business.

Those things are good, but what will really help you excel in business are things you ALREADY have and know how to do well.

Consider these three important ideas before going into business. Then know that you CAN succeed. Creating your own business can be the best, most exciting thing you will ever do for yourself or your family.

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