If I asked 100 people if they would like to be rich, I’m sure at least 98 of them would answer yes. Their answer might range from, “maybe if the conditions were right” to “YES, and make it fast!”

Most people think of the wealthy as being reserved and probably a bit cautious. The thinking goes that if the millionaire wasn’t very cautious with how he spends his money, he wouldn’t have a million dollars left.

But a closer look at who gets wealthy gives a far different picture. You see, at the very core of American business is a deep enthusiasm. People who get rich tend to be people who can make the most of the American business system. And those people tend to be gung-ho, enthusiastic, and more than eager to charge straight ahead. If you say, “I’ve got a way to make a lot of money, do you want to start tomorrow?” Most will reply, “Let’s start NOW!”

One European marketing guru got it right when he said, “American business likes to jump in and take chances. In France they’ll sit on a good idea until it’s time has passed. Americans can’t wait to get going.” And I would certainly say that attitude toward business applies to everyone in North America, whether they be in the U.S. or not.

Here are several ways to light your own fire and get your business future on its way:

  1. When you see a business opportunity, let your enthusiasm grow. Rather than thinking of all the ways the business might fail, spend time thinking ONLY of the ways it could succeed and succeed BIG.
  2. Listen to those around you, but don’t let your friends, family, and people at work talk you out of an idea you really believe in. Scientific studies show it’s very hard to keep your beliefs solid when two or more people gang up on you. Keep in that in mind. If you start to see the downside of your business after talking to others, go back to step one and get yourself fired up again.
  3. KEEP yourself fired up. It’s not enough just to get excited at the start. You’ve got to get up every morning reminding yourself just how cool your business really is.
  4. Try to surround yourself with people who see things as you do. That’s a great way to keep your resolve and pump up your vision. That may sound a little self-centered, but it’s THE way top corporate leaders get things done in the CEO’s office. You can use that method even if you’re one person working from your kitchen table.

America is number one in business worldwide because we aren’t afraid to dream. We aren’t afraid to be enthusiastic. And that immense, American enthusiasm is our greatest asset in our never ending quest for wealth and financial security.

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