If you’ve noticed on the internet it’s hard to find a website one visits that doesn’t have an eBook of some sort
that’s being offered for sale or for free. Let’s face it the internet survives by being the world’s greatest source of information.
As someone once said,” If you can’t find something on the internet chances are it doesn’t exist”. One of the reasons EBooks
have become so prevalent is that they have the ability to go viral and subsequently direct increased traffic to an authors
website. If you’ve never written an eBook because you’re not sure how to do so is understandable. However it’s really not that
difficult to achieve if one follows a few simple steps.
Obviously the first thing to do when attempting to create an EBook is to decide what you wish to write about. To avoid
the dilemma of writers block choose a subject you have prior experience in. Pick a topic that brings out some passion in you.
The more passionate you are about a topic the easier it will be to write it. That passion of yours will be felt by the
readers and add strength to the EBooks value.
After determining what topic you wish to write about you need to do some preliminary organization. Start by taking the
time to create a title that has a little pizzazz. List more than one and consult with friends as to their opinion which one
seems to jump out at them. How you phrase the EBooks title is important. It’s like the bait on a hook. If you catch a
potential readers curiosity it will be easier to reel them in to investigate the rest of your writing. Once a title is
chosen it’s time to organize in what direction you wish to take the reader. Make another list of sub categories which will
end up being chapters. It’s important to keep in mind not to over kill. Unless your a scientist who needs to list all the
facts a topic has available there is no need to over explain ones content. Keep it simple. Write your information in a
manner that an eighth grader could understand. Like it or not the majority of Americans do not read at a college level.
Now before you actually start to write ask yourself a few questions. What do you want the eBook to accomplish? Is your
intention to share new information? Does the information being shared help the reader solve a problem? Who are you writing
too? Are you writing something for ladies only or are you trying to reach a specific group and type of person? Are you trying
to make your mark as an expert? Is the purpose of writing this EBook to generate more traffic? Along with pondering these
type of questions decide if your project is to be sold or if it’s going to be a give away. Knowing for sure what you’re up to
will help you to stay focused. It’s easy to get side tracked when writing. You don’t want to be wandering all over the place
and ultimately leave the reader confused.
Finally, don’t forget to apply basic grammar practices. Be sure to spell check your work. Misspelled words can
undermine the integrity of your writing. Make sure the size of the print is easy on the eyes. If possible add pictures to
the EBook to make the books environment more pleasing. If you think of the EBook as a series of small stories being shared
with a friend it’ll take no time at all to accomplish the task. Don’t let yourself get burned out. If you start to get tired
when writing and that natural creative flair of yours seems to be on the downside simply walk away from it for a while.
Writing your first EBook should and can be a rewarding experience. If you still feel a little unconfident as to your ability
to take on such a challenge just go online and find resources that will help you. Remember nothing succeeds like success. Get
that first EBook under your belt. Once you do chances are the only problem you’ll have writing the next time
is not trying to write two EBooks’ at the same time.

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