If you’ve never come up with any ebooks or digital products on your own but you’ve been writing articles and posting in forums, then you’re in for a big surprise.

You won’t believe that you already have your own digital product in hand.

You’d probably think that your own product has to be an ebook, a piece of software or some sort.

That is normal.

Though you can’t actually hold a digital product, the image of a book that appears on a website seems appealing and real enough to imagine that it’s a tangible, physical product – when an ebook is really a simple PDF or executable file.

That’s why creating an ebook can sometimes be a logical way to own a digital product.

But, you’ve been missing the point.

Like I said in the opening paragraph, if you have been writing articles and posting in forums, you definitely already have your own product in hand.

Take writing articles for example.

You can write a 500 to 600-word article about a topic and then leave an affiliate link to the website you’re promoting in the author byline.

Since there’s no article can be written exactly the same by two different authors, unless you plagiarize word for word, your article is your own unique product – in this case, a marketing product on its own.

What you need to do next is market your article as if you’re marketing an ebook or other digital product and make sure that there are as many people as possible read your article.

How do you market your own articles?

One way to do it is by submitting your articles to hundreds of article directories and thousands of ezine publishers.

If you want a quick result, and get your article listed in major search engines in as little as one day, pay for the article submission service or use article submitter software. You’ll get a wider distribution in a short period of time this way.

What if you don’t write an article, but have been actively posting in forums?

Well, use bits and pieces of the postings and turn them into articles.

For example, post a question like “how do you get top ranking in search engine?”

Then, when you get enough responses, compile the answers and write an article based on the information you have. Next, give a catchy headline for the article such as “Top 7 Sure-fire Ways to Achieve Top Search Engine Ranking in Less Than a Week.”

Include a short promotion about you in the author byline and Presto! You’ve got an article. You’ve got your own product.

Of course, you don’t normally create an image of article cover (like ebook normally has ebook cover), and lose the feeling of a ‘real’ product, but you can always turn a few of your articles into a short report. And guess what? Lots of people create images for their reports. You can do the same too.

Now, can you easily create a 500-word article?

How fast can you write a 500-word article?

Can you write more than one 500-word article?

Think about it. I’ve just created a product of my own and you’re done reading it in less then 3 minutes.

Is this article a great product? You’ll be the judge, but what’s more important is that I’ve already successfully marketed “my own product” to you.

Haven’t I?

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