Automated Business Center Systems

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Automated Business Center Systems are charging into the home office and sweeping aside many of the old-fashioned ways of doing business. They offer a quantum jump in efficiencies and are fundamentally changing the way part-timers run their home based businesses.

Imagine having an automated system in place that delivered all of your personally addressed promo material electronically to interested people. Then persistently – and without any fear of rejection – did the follow up while you slept.

Imagine new people being trained automatically and being kept fully informed of their progress every step of the way.

Welcome to the world of the Automated Business Center (ABC).

Simply speaking, an Automated Business Center is a sophisticated web-based software package designed to automatically deliver all types of information and perform many of the repetitive, boring, day-to-day tasks that can take up so much time in running a home based business.

Most Home Business owners run their operation part-time. They have to work smart and the ABC allows much of their business to run automatically while they are at their other job or business. The ABC allows the home business owner to operate more efficiently, even while they sleep, which will be the case if they are operating internationally.

Every module in the platform interfaces with the main database and all other modules in the system. This means that the “shopping list” of features is limited only by the imagination of the designer and web team – and the financial budget.

These systems don’t come cheap! Plan to invest well in excess of $250 000+ if you’re looking to build your own!

Here are some of the key features you will find in a state-of-the-art Network Marketing platform like the ABC AutoBiz Center:

• Promotional front-end
• Sponsoring Center
• Training Center
• Resource Center
• Family Tree Center
• Coaching Center
• Email Coaching
• Contact and Archive

For the astute part-time home business owner, being “time efficient” is everything. Cutting edge systems like the the ABC AutoBiz Center platform offer this as their central core benefit – and anything that helps us move toward that goal of a seven day weekend has to be worth a quick look!



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